Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's been awhile but I've really been enjoying this school holidays and have spent more time sewing than ever before. I've probably got 10 little dresses at different stages of completion, plus I decorated a few teatowels and have a partly made top for me too. I also have 50 bib fronts cut out which I will work on over the coming months. I like to put on a bit of lace, ricrac, bias binding etc. to dress them up a bit before I give them away. I am thinking of backing them with flannelette.

As much as I like being a lollypop lady (school crossing supervisor) and actually only work for 1 half hours a day, I go to work twice, before and after school, so thats twice driving over and back to the school I work at, plus getting ready etc., it is time consuming. Am looking forward to seeing th children though. I'm sure they will have stories to tell.

A photo of my pillowcase dress. It's for a new born and was made out of some material I had here and not a pillowcase. I must make some more of these, so cute and easy.

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