Saturday, August 14, 2010

On a sad note my husband's step-mum passed away on the 31st July, aged 87 years. She will be sadly missed but had been suffering in considerable pain for some months. She is now with her maker in heaven.

Wedding Invitations finished

Three pictures are of the full invitation which opens up. The main invite is glued inside and the gift Registry and Acceptance are loose and in a small pocket. On the front cover the top ribbon is fastened with double sided tape and the bottom ribbon with the teardrop crystal is tied on. There is a little hole in the side and another underneath the bow for the ribbon to go through.

The small single (wedding cermony) invite only is the same wording as the main invite but without the reception part. The bow is the same type of ribbon as I used on the full invitations. These bows I bought already tied.

The last invites are for the Kitchen Tea. There are other that say Laundry or Pantry as well, just to get some variety. They are all in a mix of blue, yellow and green backgrounds and this is just one of the papers used. I am happy with all of them.

Yeh. finished at last and mostly mailed.