Monday, June 14, 2010

Middle of june already

Middle of June already. Time is flying by. Last month I talked about the wedding. One bridesmaid has picked up her dress on the week-end but I haven't organized dressmaker yet. Left message but no return call. Hired the vases. Bought myself an outfit and made hairdresser appointment for me, so that's something done. Need to find an organist for the church, again left message but no return call as yet. Will try again tonight I think.

AS for my Mum, she is at home again after 4 and a half weeks in 3 different hospitals. She spent a week in her local hospital, a week and a half up here in Toowoomba, a week in the Mater in Brisbane and then nearly a week back in her local hospital again. Because her white blood cell count dropped so low after the chemo she is not to have it any more. That's why she was at the Mater. She had radium treatment whilst there. So now we wait and see what effect that had.

While Mum was in Brisbane I was taking Dad down to visit every second day. On work days I'd do my morning shift and give my afternoon shift to whoever I could get. I'm a school Crossing supervisior.

My brother flew in from Alice Springs the day after Mum was sent back to her local hospital. That was a surprise visit which was great for Mum and Dad. He flies back home tomorrow. He was a great help to Dad around the yard doing lots of tree/shrub prunning. Took away 6 trailer loads to the dump. Mum is the keen gardener, but as she was away the men got stuck into it and did a real tidy up.

This week we're expecting my husband's sister to fly in from Adelaide so she can visit their stepmother. She is in a nursing home and has been going downhill quite quickly too. She is now bedridden, unable to do anything for herself. She spends most of the day asleep. My husband went down to see her Sunday and sat with her for an hour or so but she didn't wake while he was there even though he did try to wake her. She is on constant pain killers and all that can be done is to make her as comfortable as possible. We do not know what will happen there.

Craft wise all I've done is a bit of work on the bibs I make for charity and fiddling around with wedding invitation ideas. Next month the invitations have to be made so they can go out by the end of July. That leaves 3 months to the wedding. Next Wednesday our daughter is taking a day off work so we can go the the printers, pick card, paper etc as I'm to make the invitations. She is so busy at work and the one printing place isn't open week-ends which makes it hard. A lunch break just isn't enough time to work things out. I really had wanted all this done by now but it wasn't to be. Wish us luck. Hope when I write next time, the invitations are progressing. Please, please may this be so.